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Twenty-Five Years of FileMaker Hosting

From server racks in the office to 360Works infrastructure in the cloud, we have a long history of FileMaker hosting and the service to back it up.

Why Choose 360Works Cloud?

Infrastructure Built for FileMaker

Sturdy Hardware

We guarantee a hardware uptime of 99.9%, and offer a full credit for any month hardware failure breaks that guarantee.

Global Infrastructure

You can choose where to put your server from dozens of locations world-wide, minimizing network travel between your server and you.

Data Guarantee

We stand by our backup processes, and offer a $10,000 data guarantee* on data loss without any available backup.



Make MirrorSync even easier with our dedicated MirrorSync hosting service.

Fast Migration Service

Let dedicated 360Works Cloud personnel handle transferring your files from your current server to your new 360Works cloud-hosted server without you needing to lift a finger

Priority Support

$30/month per server priority support, providing a direct-dial number to call between 7am - 11pm EST, 7 days a week

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A Better Way to Connect

360Works Skyscraper

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360Works hosting customers have the exclusive ability to connect to their FileMaker Servers via Skyscraper - a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) system. This gives users and administrators access to their organization's FileMaker solution at much faster speeds than using a traditional wide area network (WAN) connection.

What sets Skyscraper apart is its capability for remote screen sharing directly in a web browser, eliminating the need for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) software installation. This unique feature ensures compatibility across all platforms, including iOS devices that typically cannot run FileMaker Pro. Experience efficient and flexible access to your FileMaker solution with Skyscraper.

Skyscraper pricing starts at $7.60/month + $0.12/hour per workstation.

Still Not Sure?

What Our Customers Are Saying

360Works has offered Cloud Hosting for over 25 years, serving hundreds of clients from multinational companies to small businesses—from Hong Kong to São Paulo. Our clients choose us because of our reliability, rapid response time, knowledge, and overall expertise. 360Works is committed to providing the best hosting experience for our customers by continually automating processes and expanding our available offerings.